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Change of course - Outsource!

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest” (Peter Drucker)

There is a lot of time and energy going into staffing and its requirements, and luckily incurs few costs if organisations do it right. Outsourced HR companies are only focused on providing the suitable candidate(s) within a time frame to their clients, staying compliant to legal regulations. Even though companies might feel that they are not in control, they are at lower risk when it comes to labour unrest. The overarching benefit is that companies that make use of outsourcing staffing agencies can focus on growing their business, improving their bottom-line.

Enjoy the benefits of workforce outsourcing:

Staffing flexibility

As your work levels change, so can your workforce. The load of work you have today might not be the same as in a month or two. Hiring staff on demand, saves you from any financial commitment and keeps everyone compliant with the legal regulations. Flexibility ensures that you continue with business without any unnecessary costs – manage your workforce according to your workload needs.


Access to top performers

Staffing agencies have the resources to get access to high caliber candidates for you to choose from. Outsourcing your recruitment ensures that the right candidates are attracted to your company. These services usually include all verifications of qualifications, criminal clearance and employment references.


Time is money …

Don’t lose opportunities due to having open positions that can hurt your business. Recruitment agencies are focused to only find the right candidates for their clients and already have a wide range of candidates on call. Outsourcing your staffing lets you enjoy faster turnaround on hiring while you focus on your core business.


Save, save, save!

Even though outsourcing is not free, it is much more cost-effective. Considering hiring, training, advertising, interviewing, verification checks, and other HR related expenses, are all combined into one management fee. This prevents you to experience any hidden costs. PLUS you gain a HR partner to advise and guide you through the whole process in order to stay compliant.


Bad hires happen … but so can avoiding it.

Making use of a staffing agency allows you to take advantage of permanent and temporary hiring opportunities. You can put an employee to test, checking if his/her interview talk conforms with his/her performance. This is where a probationary period comes into play. Bad hires can become costly, so making an informed hiring decision is only in order. After a temporary contract, you can decide if you would like to permanently commit or not.


Gain a HR partner to advise and guide you through the whole process in order to stay compliant. Benefit from our experts.

Let's talk outsourcing:


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